about to entrust my phone unto Zhao Yun

the last two days at TAFE people have just foisted chocolates upon me left right and centre



Satoshi’s Heigani

Corphish is a very brash Pokémon; it will often charge into things without thinking about its actions first, which usually leaves it in some kind of trouble. Corphish also gets jealous of others easily, notably after Treecko evolved into Grovyle where Corphish was worried it would not get as much attention as the powerful new Pokémon. In A Shroomish Skirmish, Corphish ate all of Torchic's food, one of the many examples of Corphish being quite a gluttonous Pokémon. When it later got lost with Torchic, Corphish preferred to go on as if nothing had happened rather than swallowing its pride and apologizing. Despite all of its social flaws, Corphish is a very friendly Pokémon and is very loyal to its Trainer. Corphish is also an effective battler, being able to defeat opponents quite larger in size than itself as well as being able to defeat multiple Pokémon in one battle, such as having defeated three of Morrison's Pokémon in A Judgment Brawl! and Choose It or Lose It!.

giving you, in no particular order: face, hair, brow, nose, cheekbone, beauty spot, fivehead. #selfiegametoostrong


Hello yes I am business pigeon I have many job to do please take my card.

don’t think I’ve had many classrooms with this type of view #endbrag